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Special Ministerial Training—Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Q: Where will the SMT hold?

Answer: The SMT is a blended learning which includes online (via Zoom) and physical in-person sessions. Prospective participants may choose to attend in person or online as indicated on your admission letter. Your location is not a barrier, participants are welcome from all around the globe.

2.   Q: How much does it cost?

Answer: There is a non-refundable NGN10,000 registration fee after which your registration application will be assessed. If you receive an offer of admission, you may proceed to pay the tuition fee of NGN10,000 per month. This makes a total of NGN120,000 for 12 months.

3.   Q: Will there be recordings in case I miss a session?

Answer: Yes, there will be recordings made available to fully paid ministers. These recordings will on-demand (non-downloadable) for a period of 1 month after the live session. This is rightly so, considering the different time zones of participants.

4.   Q: What if my internet connection cannot allow me to log on live?

Answer: The live sessions will be also be streamed via our DCIRADIO.org so that fully-paid participants can access the live sessions despite low internet bandwidth.

5.   Q: Is there a closing date for registration?

Answer: Yes, Registration closes 48 hours before each month’s edition of SMT. Once you receive your offer of admission, your registration is valid till 2022. Only payment will be pending monthly.

6.   Q: Can I pay for more than one month’s tuition at once?

Answer: Yes, you can. We strongly recommend paying multiple months ahead as this assures a smooth running of your training.

7.   Q: Will there be a certificate issued at the end of this training?

Answer: Yes. A certificate is in consideration. It will be issued to participants with full attendance, who also complete other tasks as included in the training.

8.   If I want to attend the SMT physically in Osogbo, is there accommodation?

Answer: Yes, there are affordable accommodation spaces available for interested ministers.

9.   Will I have an opportunity for a one-on-one counselling session with Reverend Areogun?

Answer: This is possible, in due course of the 12-month training.

10. Can I register if I am not an ordained minister?

Answer: No. SMT is for practicing ministers of the Gospel. You may attend our normal Bible School instead. However, if you are a called and practicing minister you may register and attend SMT. Don’t confuse ordination with a practical ongoing ministry. Our admission process will require proof of your ministry at some point before an offer of admission.

11. What if I have other unanswered questions?

Answer: For other enquiries, contact the following numbers

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 +2349079912254 (Mobile)

 +2348037252124 (SMS only)