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DateJan 1, 2024 - Dec 31, 2025
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About Us

The Living Jesus Ministerial Training College is an offshoot of the assignment the Lord gave to His servant, Rev Olusola Ayodele Areogun to help men realize their God–given dreams in life. The school is aimed at training and grooming called men and women for their assignment from God, both by doctrine and by practical ministry, such that they have a life that God approves of and can minister anywhere in the world

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      Lecture 1The Art of Prayer
      Lecture 2Demonology, Deliverance and Healing
      Lecture 3Angelology
      Lecture 4General Introduction to the Bible
      Lecture 5Understanding the Church 1
      Lecture 6The Holy Spirit
      Lecture 7Foundations of Faith
      Lecture 8Vision Analysis
      Lecture 9Understanding Grace
      Lecture 10Believers Ministry
      Lecture 11Components of the Will of God
      Lecture 12How to Series
      Lecture 13Apostolic Foundation
      Lecture 14Helps Ministry
      Lecture 15Bible Doctrines
      Lecture 16Soteriology (Study of Salvation)
      Lecture 17Old testament survey
      Lecture 18Christian ethics for societal leadership
      Lecture 19Leadership Studies
      Lecture 20Personal Life of a Minister
      Lecture 21True Worship in The Spirit
      Lecture 22Ministry of a Pastor
      Lecture 23The Ministry of a Teacher
      Lecture 24Eschatology
      Lecture 25Church History
      Lecture 26Becoming God’s change agent in the Society
      Lecture 27Ministry of Intercession
      Lecture 28Relationship and Ministry
      Lecture 29Christian Culture and Tradition
      Lecture 30The Call of God and You
      Lecture 31The Ministry of the Evangelist 1
      Lecture 32Introduction to Media and Sound
      Lecture 33Public speaking
      Lecture 34Understanding your ministry
      Lecture 35Introduction to Theology
      Lecture 36Pioneering societal change organizations (Christian NGOs)
      Lecture 37Understanding the Anointing
      Lecture 38Ministry of A Prophet
      Lecture 39Introduction to world religions
      Lecture 40Administration of a Christian Ministry
      Lecture 41Kingdom Wealth Creation/Stewardship
      Lecture 42The Ministry of an Apostle
      Lecture 43Ministry ethics
      Lecture 44New Testament survey
      Lecture 45Church History
      Lecture 46Healing Ministry of the Church
      Lecture 47The itinerant Ministry
      Lecture 48Women in Ministry- The place of women in Christian ministry
      Lecture 49Biblical Hermeneutics
      Lecture 50Introduction to Music Ministry
      Lecture 51New creation realities
      Lecture 52Introduction To Evangelism and The Great Commission
      Lecture 53Report writing, Slide Presentation and Research Methodology in the ministry
      Lecture 54Theology of Missions

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